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Buy American Requirements Essay

buy american act essay

❶There are more gaps which companies can use to make unreal proposals to earn more profits.

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Buy American Requirements Essay Sample
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This act has this fundamental value which is not present in the capitalism ethos. Similarly, this Act encouraged more domestic players to upgrade and provide more employment opportunities. The next important difference is that, this act encourages importing, but does not encourage being dependent entirely on the foreign products, even though they are cheaper.

Similarly, irrespective of the cheap labor available across the globe, this Act wanted only the local Americans to work in the manufacturing plants that are located only in America for their dealings, which is totally against the capitalist ethos. The main fundamental difference is the underlying value which formed the basis of this act and which is absent in the capitalism ethos. Mere greedy about creating money is not the fundamental value of this act.

Because the capitalistic system was not allowed to crop up, currently the U. This can be viewed as an advantage from one aspect because; this provision will enable the manufacturer to use the best quality product, and will be in the position to keep a check on the cost of the products, which will reduce the budget burden of the government. But the negative side of this exception is that, this waiver can be misused for the personal profits of the company.

If in case, all the companies who are manufacturing the navigation systems have decided to decrease their costs and to increase their profit by making a proposal for import of materials from a foreign country, then it will totally eradicate the main purpose of the Buy American requirement. There are more gaps which companies can use to make unreal proposals to earn more profits. Thus, it cannot be totally concluded to be good or bad, as it depends upon the company using the waiver and the purpose of using such waivers.

The main advantage of this act is that it enables America to maintain its industrial base in the navigation industry. In Remote Control Unlimited navigation systems which are being used for the defense industry and considered to be the best in the world, the government is investing much in this research and development segment which makes this business stronger and more competitive.

This will add more importance to the domestic companies and to the security of the country. This provides a great opportunity to the domestic players to enhance their quality, and be upgraded to the newest available technology. The investment made by the government and the problems faced by the country have made the domestic manufacturers able to feel the real problems, their impact and what the solution to resolve these problems should be.

This provides for a better solution and enhances the public security it motivates new players to participate in the race with innovative ideas like Remote Control Unlimited newest navigation systems for the newest drone planes. The major disadvantage of this Act is the increased costs. Irrespective of the other factors, this act was very strict about its principles which increased the costs both to the company and the government. This increased the cost and budget for the government, which creates more issues.

Innovation is essential but is not possible without appropriate research and development. All research and development cannot be performed in the U. This regulation brings a great challenge in accomplishing appropriate research and development required for newer better products. These rules actually will have impact on the current trading relationship of the company.

There are cases were a company is engaged in commercial business apart from government business, for which they may require more foreign trades, the decision taken by the management for satisfying the Buy American Act will have great impact on the existing relations of the company and the government. Another problem with this Act is that it affects the lead time which increases the cost of manufacturing, and it affects the revenue stream of the company.

Especially in aerospace manufacturing where it requires longer lead times for manufacturing one unit, when the approvals and other processes are consuming more time; it will then affect the entire profitability of the company. Meeting the quality needed in some case is difficult especially in the case of an unmanned system where more technology and research is required. An alliance with more experienced foreign manufacturers will assist in improving the quality which is again a great challenge.

Thus, there is always an advantage and disadvantage with regard to the Buy American Act especially in the navigation industry and aerospace industries where it requires more innovation, technology, up gradation, research and development along with more time for developing a good quality product.

There are hurdles in all stages which have to be managed in a proactive manner to reduce the impact. As we have seen throughout this essay it follows that the main objective for the Buy American Requirement is to develop domestic products in this country, and only domestic products should be offered to the recipients of public services.

The purpose of capitalism is to make money, on the other hand we believe that the free market has not failed, it is not morally bad, and in fact serves deep human values. In this paper we are discussing the implementation of the Buy American Act and its consequences.

This Act may seem contradictory to a free market system, where there is free competition of suppliers and buyers, but in the end, this Act would protect domestic products and build manufacturing stronger in the U. S, and of course create more jobs for the economy to thrive. The Buy American Act wants Americans working in the manufacturing plants, and to have those plants located in the United States, which is totally against the capitalistic ethic, but I believe is all American.

This Act also provides more benefits to the country besides the economic benefits, but builds more independence and solidarity of our global economy and economic dominance all over the world. In fact financially the U. The main purpose is to be a stronger and more globally competitive player in the world market.

This law would protect our production systems, since there is no foreign participation in the production processes. In turn Remote Control Unlimited and VectorCal would be ensured participation in these contracts, and this would provide competition and creation of more jobs, adding more weight to our domestic firms and to national security.

Retrieved November 10, , from http: The Socialist Ethos of Sharing. Retrieved November 10, , from www. The Capitalist Ethos Ashley Webster. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism: Chapter 2 — The Spirit of Capitalism.

The Ethos of Capitalism: Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Buy American Requirements specifically for you. In these times, I think it is very hard to ensure companies are still using the Act properly. When you have countries producing material at a cheaper cost than what it cost in the U. When these requirements were considered it was a bad time for the economy, so the government was trying anyway possible to figure out a way to bring money back into the country.

Creating requirements for agencies within the government to buy American products was a good way to put money back into the slumping economy. The exceptions to the Buy American Requirement set by the government is really a needed break to be able to justify what the actually cost and material will be to from procuring for an outside cheaper choice. At the time it was fair and advantageous for our economy because it was working great. Over the years we are finding higher cost of American material vise foreign material that is in accordance with the requirements that are need to complete the projects.

So the exceptions are fair depending on what country you are in and the requirements for the job. Overall I think the Buy American Act was set for a good cause, but now it appears that the rest of the world reduce labor cost to get more business Buy American Requirements. Overall I think the Buy American Act was set for a good cause, but now it appears that the rest of the world reduce labor cost to get more business. If the product has components from a foreign country they have to be less than fifty percent of the total product.

I agree with the principal reason of the Buy American Requirement in that I think that we should give our companies in the U S the first opportunity to support the U S federal government.

I think that the companies in the U S should have first crack at those dollars unless it would cause a burden on the tax payers.

I realize that our country is built off the opportunity for free trade and competition for everybody. It just seems to reason that you would want to take care of the people that pay you to exsist rather than give the money to someone that could care less about you. Also it gives the federal government away to give back to those tax payers that are paying the bills for the federal government any way.

There are some exceptions to this rule like for Canada, if a Canadian company competes for contracts it is to be considered like a U S company. Since Canada is a neighboring country and the U S has agreement in place that places them on the level playing field than I am ok with that.

We have not had very many problems with the items manufactured in Canada as we have had with other countries. Prime example is the metell recall of , toys that were sold in the U S with inspections and rigorous test before one could be sold to the public. In this case there might not have been the rigorous inspections that would have taken place had we brought American. The toys where covered with lead paint and caused a lot of health issues and death in some cases. Conclusion In conclusion I believe that the Buy American requirement is a excellent way to keep the US economy growing and promote job growth in the US.

I think that with any policy there will be exceptions and the Buy American Agreement should be no different long as the main purpose of the agreement is not shattered by the exceptions. Vienna, VA Management Concepts. Retrieved October 28, from https: Retrieved October 28, from http: The Edo period is known for its more than years of peace after a period of unrest and civil wars.

During this period of peace, many forms of cultural expression were able to manifest and develop. These include, kabuki, the tea ceremony, martial Nordstrom is an American upscale design retailer and is beating each other retail organization. Nordstrom's prosperity is based on brilliant client benefit. The retail chain has concentrated on a couple of parts of the business to emerge.

Here's the way Nordstrom is beating retailers from Macy's to T. All through their history, they have reliably given a portion of the best administration in Historical Context- The global flow of silver from the mid- sixteenth to the early eighteenth century had monumental social and economic effects throughout the world. The Chinese began requiring silver as a form of taxes and trade fees. Also, Spanish colonial America and Japan were leaders in silver production at this time.

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“The primary purpose of this Act is to discourage the government form buying foreign products. There are six exceptions in the Buy American Act: 1. Items to be used outside the United States 2. Domestic items that are unreasonably priced.

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BUY AMERICAN ACT FOR GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS Summary of the main points The Buy American Act is a legislation that was . The Buy American Act prohibits buying supplies that are not domestic end products for use within the United States. A domestic end product is .

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Order NowBuy American AMERICAN ACT FOR GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS Summary of the main points The Buy American Act is a legislation that was designed . Buy American Requirements Essay Sample The Buy American Act (41 U.S.C. 10ad) was enacted in to encourage the federal government to buy from American companies it does not apply to professional or personal services.